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KONZA National Network is TEFCA Ready
Improving health data interoperability nationwide

KONZA National Network is one of the first organizations to have its application approved to continue to the testing and onboarding phase to become a Qualified Health Information Network (QHIN) under the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA).

Partnering with the Recognized Coordinating Entity (RCE), the Sequoia Project, one of the primary objectives of TEFCA is to bring health information networks together as QHINs to serve as central health data exchange partners that allow providers access to complete patient health records no matter their location.

KONZA National Network enables the sharing of clinical information at the point of care, while supporting transformative value-based payment models, care management and data analytics. As a credible, trusted and strategic partner for patients, physicians, healthcare providers and facilities across the country, KONZA provides 12 years of health information exchange (HIE) expertise.

KONZA partners with State Medical Societies and Independent Physician Associations (IPAs) to provide physician-led and governed health information exchanges. Learn more about KONZA’s services here.

Review materials and information to support your QHIN decision making here.

Our QHIN Vision

  • KONZA will harness 12 years of health information exchange (HIE) expertise to expand access to healthcare information and operationalize TEFCA.

  • National interoperability requires many layers, exchange protocols, privacy and security. KONZA is committed to the highest level of privacy and security as demonstrated through EHNAC accreditation and pursuit of HITRUST certification with DirectTrust as our compliance partner.

  • Existing KONZA providers are already connected and participating in nationwide data sharing with the value-added benefits of improved patient care, access to actionable, streamlined data and time/cost-saving practices. 

  • KONZA has been working behind the scenes to implement anticipated technology and policies in preparation for operationalizing TEFCA. Achieving a QHIN Designation will allow existing and future participants to connect into TEFCA through their existing HIE connection with KONZA.

  • This will allow our participants to establish their connection easily and seamlessly to TEFCA when it’s available later this year.

Your Solution for National Exchange

Expand your current KONZA membership to connect to the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA).

  • The 21st Century Cures Act called on the ONC to create and support a TEFCA.

  • This created a common set of technical and legal requirements to simplify and enable nationwide exchange of healthcare data.

  • A central component of TEFCA is operationalizing Qualified Health Information Networks, or QHINs, to serve as centralized exchange partners in a network-of-networks approach.

The Value of Joining the KONZA QHIN

Expand your access to data from a single connection
Connect into TEFCA through the existing HIE connection with KONZA.

Join the national exchange through a trusted and strategic partner
Leveraging 12 years of health information exchange (HIE) expertise to expand access to healthcare information and operationalize TEFCA.

Streamline your interoperability strategy

  • Advance care coordination

  • Provide patients with access to their health records

  • Improve patient outcomes

  • Reduce the need to participate in multiple exchanges

  • Relieve the burden of public health reporting

  • Support emergency preparedness and response

KONZA, a QHIN for All

  • State and Regional HIEs

  • Payers and Health Plans 

  • Providers

  • Public Health

  • Organizations engaged in value-based care models

Frequently Asked Questions

KONZA’s Journey to QHIN Designation


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