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KONZA National Network helps our customers connect to the world.  As a member of eHealth Exchange KONZA National Network works with health care providers across the nation to design custom solutions to meet their unique needs.  KONZA National Network connects health care systems together to share data internally and with external partners such as the Veterans Administration, Military Health Services, CVS, DaVita, Yale New Haven Health, and many others. 


Health Information Exchanges

KONZA National Network provides a full suite of products and services to existing health information exchanges across the nation. These allow health information exchanges to move from providing limited clinical data transport to providing comprehensive data products and services to their customers. These services include but are not limited to the following;

1. Public Health Reporting including COVID-19

2. HL7v.2 Data Transformation to JSON

3. Analytics Reporting including clinical dashboards

4. Clinical and Encounter Alerting

5. Data Extracts for Health Plans, Medical Research and Clinical Trials

6. Data Hosting in HITRUST Azure Cloud

7. MIPS consultation

8. Registry Reporting

For new Health Information Exchanges KONZA National Network provides a turnkey Health Information Exchange solution which adds the services listed below to those above.

1. HIE Policies and Procedures

2. Local Control through Advisory Council

3. Technology Vendor Management and Contracts

4. Integration Engine Services

5. Personnel including Project Management, Integration Engineers, Administrative Support, Clinical Quality Management, Training and Education Resources etc.

6. Marketing and Website Management

7. Franchise and Revenue Sharing Models.

Health Plans

Health plans are striving to move away from antiquated analytics based on claims data and manual chart chasing solutions that are expensive and time consuming. To achieve success new regulations and payment models require health plans to have near real time data for their members. KONZA National Network offers a suite of solutions for health plans that include data acquisition, aggregation and curation for historical and real time member data.  

KONZA National Network also provides best-in-class management consulting expertise to support health plans in determining health IT solutions for the aggregations and management of electronic medical records. KONZA National Network has experience is designing health IT solutions for some of the largest health plans in the nation.  



Medical Research

KONZA National Network maintains one of the largest clinical data warehouses in the nation. KONZA National Network makes healthcare data available for purposes of medical research in limited data sets and de-identified data sets. KONZA National Network data has been used by some of the largest medical research centers in the nation to develop medical products and services that require large, longitudinal data sets.


Data Science as a Service (DSaaS)

KONZA National Network DSaaS is an ideal choice for small to medium sized organizations that need to manage complex data aggregation without a large team of data scientists and analysts. KONZA National Network DSaaS allows health care organizations to recognize and solve big data healthcare challenges around population health, chronic disease management, quality metric management, gaps in care, hospital readmissions and more. Currently, over 100 healthcare companies utilize KONZA’s DSaaS to inform their operational and strategic challenges, and their capacity to participate in value based payment models.  

KONZA National Network DSaaS provides health care companies, including providers and payors with access to powerful tools to meet data science demands in an economical model. KONZA National Network provides high-quality and complex analytics solutions which turn raw clinical data from electronic health records (EHRs) into quantifiable information without spending money on specialized data science teams or data extraction services.  This data can be incorporated into existing data structures or displayed in the KONZA National Network HQInsight tool.  

Healthcare organizations and payors gain advantages based on their capability to interpret complex data sets and make data-driven decisions more efficiently. KONZA National Network provides the health care data expertise, tools, and knowledge to identify what questions to ask, how to reveal the right patterns, and the skills to make forecasts that point to deep insights and high quality care. 

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