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KONZA National Network provides next generation health information exchange solutions that support local data sharing as well as data sharing across the nation and the world. KONZA National Network provides health information exchange solutions to health plans, health systems, providers, public health, behavioral health, pharmacies, labs, hospice school health clinics and many other organizations that care for patients. The KONZA National Network and platform is available to any organization in the nation. It does not matter if you have a local or state exchange any longer, the KONZA HIE can connect you to the providers you need…..whether they are in your home town or across the nation. KONZA National Network also connects to other health information exchanges and to the national eHealth Exchange.  KONZA National Network is pursing QHIN certification under the proposed TEFCA guidelines.   

KONZA National Network also provides best-in-class management and consulting expertise to support providers and health plans and others in developing and building health IT solutions for the aggregation and management of health IT data. KONZA National Network has experience is designing health IT solutions for some of the largest health plans, health systems and health information exchanges in the nation.  

KONZA supports health information exchanges in conjunction with many state medical societies.



For health plans, health systems and providers to be successful in new payment models, access and utilization of a clinical data repository is critical. KONZA’s clinical platform compiles data from hundreds of sites into actionable intelligence. KONZA utilizes a proprietary data architecture maintained in the Azure cloud and equipped with the highest level of security to power it’s analytic solutions. Highly trained engineers and health care analysts help design customized solutions to provide actionable solutions to inform care expenditures and drive improvements in population health and care management.  


KONZA National Network aggregates data from all sources and provides a facility or HIE  branded control panel that provides insights into patient health trends including patient gaps in care, patients with unusual ED utilization, patient opioid and controlled substance use, patient 30 day readmissions that may result in hospital penalties, patient quality metrics which include those that are met, not met and how they compare with standard benchmarks, patient disease registries, patient health care utilization and many more. The KONZA National Network HealthQuery Insight's are configurable based on an organization’s specific health care needs.


KONZA Queries and Data Extracts

KONZA’s National Network proprietary data architecture allows queries to be run across the data to answer questions that have been hidden is segregated data silos. KONZA National Network brings many sources of data together and provides health care analysts to assist in the writing and management of complex data queries that can begin to answer some of the most complex health care questions. For example, KONZA National Network queries can find patients with rare medical conditions that may benefit from participating in clinical trials. KONZA queries find communities that are at risk such as those with higher than normal rates of asthma. KONZA data extracts find health disparities across race, ethnicity and gender data that it has never been possible before. KONZA National Network data extracts and queries answer questions and provide insights that have never been available before.  


AcuteAlerts meets the CMS Condition of Participation (CoP) hospital requirements to send electronic patient event notifications of a patient’s admission, discharge, and/or transfer to another healthcare facility or to another community provider or practitioner. 

KONZA Quality Metrics

KONZA’s ONC and NCQA certified quality measure platform allows KONZA to compute QRDA 3 and QRDA1 reports for submission to CMS. KONZA’s unique model incorporates data from all of the locations a patient may have received care. This is far superior to just including data from a provider’s electronic medical record (EMR)  KONZA’s Quality Platform will increase overall quality scores for health systems and providers in new payment models. This is a more accurate reflection of the care provided to the patient and significantly improves reimbursement.  

KONZA Payer Analytics

KONZA National Network supports health plans in their acquisition of clinical data from healthcare providers that is necessary for HEDIS reporting. The KONZA National Network interoperability platform utilizes existing data connectivity and the KONZA National Network project management team builds necessary interfaces  to gather real time data. The data is made available in a variety formats for payer utilization and ingestion into their HEDIS platforms. This includes raw HL7v.2 messages and raw HL7 v.3 (CCDs) as well as curated, de-duplicated and normalized data. The KONZA National Network payer platform is NCQA certified and the KONZA National Network team supports the health plan in any audit required to authenticate standard and non-standard data sources.  



KONZA’s National Network patient approach has always been to provide all medical information to the patient... even before HHS and ONC required this. KONZA’s National Network engagement platform sends any new medical information to a patient’s personal health record. The patient receives an email or text message that new data has arrived from any location that the patient may have received care that is a part of the KONZA National Network. Patients can choose how they store and display this data.   

No longer do patients have to remember many patient portal user names and passwords from each of their health care providers. Now is it all in one place and... yes it does include notes and reports. Patients can also keep track and graph their health information and send it securely to their doctors, and patients have access to world class medical education and a secure place to store important medical documents.  

If this sounds too good to be true...

it really is and you can use the KONZA National Network engagement platform now as a patient, call 800.435.2104. Patients receive the KONZA National Network engagement platform at little or no cost depending upon patient authentication requirements in each state.  

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