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For Our Members

If you have an account with CareAlign, you can easily access the portal by clicking this link below

For Our Patients

We have created an opt-in or opt-out form to allow you to specify whether you would like to share your health information with us

KONZA National Network is proud to be one of the first organizations to have its application approved to continue to the testing and onboarding phase of becoming a Qualified Health Information Network.

KONZA National Network delivers unparalleled benefits to the healthcare community.

KONZA National Network builds upon a proven model for the development of the technical infrastructure necessary to enable the sharing of clinical information at the point of care, while supporting transformative value-based payment models, care management, and data analytics. Patients, physicians, healthcare facilities, and other healthcare providers from across the country benefit from KONZA's delivery of unequaled actionable intelligence.



KONZA National Network

Documents of our Network

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